Ridgewood Kitchen Monthly Workshop 4/25/19  at 6:00pm

Ridgewood Kitchen Monthly Workshop 4/25/19 at 6:00pm

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Join us for our workshop at Ridgewood Kitchen in Concord on 4/25/19 at 6:00. Limited seats available. Cost is $40 and up, and includes all supplies necessary to leave with a beautiful painted wooden sign/clock and a cocktail/beverage. These are done with a stencil so you don't have to be crafty to get a great result.  You might want to bring a t-shirt or apron to paint in.  Please think about what colors you would like your sign to be in advance.  You get to pick your background board color as well as your writing colors.  There is no right or wrong.  You do not need to let us know what colors you would like until the event. Think about were you will be hanging or placing it which will help you determine colors. Also due to time constraints, you can only paint one sign.  You can purchase multiple signs as long as you are purchasing for multiple people. This is going to be fun!  See you soon! 

The “o” in WELCOME is an interchangeable piece. Four cut outs will come with your sign and you can purchase additional ones if you like at $2 each by bringing exact change cash with you to the workshop. The cut outs will be pre-painted the colors shown. Complete list of cut outs below (not all are pictured).  You’ll be able to decorate them with additional paint at the workshops if you chose. 


state of ohio, home plate, tree, tulip, egg, clover, leave, flip flops, watermelon slice, candy corn piece, football, soccer ball, baseball, basketball, softball, bunny, pumpkin, heart, star, pineapple, animal paw. 

Cut off date for registration is 4/23.  Please register in advance!  There are no refunds, everything is pre-cut and ready in advance. Note:  designs and fonts may vary slightly from those pictured. Not all pictures used are our own.